Can I modify my student loans?

Student loans are all over the news. Student loan debt has risen to over $1 trillion and it just keeps growing. The average student borrower has an outstanding balance of almost $30,000. Students are graduating into a difficult economy and finding themselves unemployed or underemployed and struggling to make their student loan payments. Is there anything… Read more »

What’s more dangerous: credit card or mortgage debt?

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may be facing tough choices. Pay the mortgage or pay the credit card bill? When making that decision, consider how each of these debts is treated in bankruptcy. In the United States, the federal bankruptcy laws are set up to allow debtors a fresh start. Accordingly, there… Read more »

Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy in Ohio

Last updated Oct. 30, 2017. You probably already know that filing for bankruptcy is going to affect your credit score. Most people emerge from bankruptcy with a credit score in the range of 500 out of a possible 850. Your credit score affects your ability to borrow and the rate you’ll be able to get…. Read more »

Will My Children Be Left with My Debts If I Die?

Can You Inherit Debt?

Last updated March 29, 2018. When a family member dies, there are often many tasks that need to be performed to put all of the deceased’s affairs in order. There may be a will to file with a probate court; there may be property to dispose of, bank accounts and charitable donations to take care… Read more »

Help! Creditors are Calling My Mom!

Debt Collectors Calling Automatic Stay Bankruptcy Dayton Ohio

Last updated Oct. 30, 2017. It’s no secret — when you’ve fallen behind on a debt, the gloves come off. Creditors will go to great lengths trying to collect on past-due accounts. Collection phone calls to relatives and friends are not uncommon and only add to an already stressful situation. Especially if your parents are… Read more »

Mortgage Modification in Ohio

Last year, the average sale price of a home in Ohio was about $135,000. The median household income was around $47,000. That discrepancy means that a cash purchase is not an option for many people. While the number of cash purchases has risen in recent years, the majority of buyers still need to take out… Read more »

Can a Creditor Contact Me After I Hire a Lawyer?

Debt Collector Attorney OH

Last updated Sept. 26, 2017. First, let’s make a distinction between creditors and debt collectors, because they have to follow different rules under different laws. Your creditor is the person or party to whom you owe the debt. It’s most often a bank, a credit card company, or a medical service provider. When creditors can’t… Read more »

How Much Will Bankruptcy Lower My Credit Score?

Credit Score and Bankruptcy

Last updated Jan. 28, 2018. You probably already know that bankruptcy is going to impact your credit. In fact, fear of that impact may be what’s keeping you from filing. So how much does bankruptcy affect your credit score? How Credit Scores Work First, let’s take a look at how your credit score is calculated… Read more »