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Is there panic in the mortgage markets?

The mortgage market is a sensitive and complicated system. It reacts to any number of factors, including interest rates, housing purchases, and general economic outlook. It’s been in turmoil since the 2008 crisis and is still in the process of finding a new equilibrium. Last week was particularly tumultuous. What does all this turbulence mean… Read more »

Economic Ecosystem of Dayton, OH

Our firm is excited to present this visual guide to the unique economic ecosystem of the city of Dayton. The infographic highlights transportation hubs, major employers, top tourist attractions, and some geographic data. Economic Ecosystem of Dayton, OH by Russ Cope is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Credit Reporting Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: Know Your Rights

Credit Reporting Consumer Protections This is a guest post by Allan R. Bloomfield, a bankruptcy lawyer practicing in Queens. His offices are located at: 118-21 Queens Blvd., #617, Forest Hills, NY 11375. One of the most important national consumer protection laws is the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which regulates how credit reporting companies report information. … Read more »