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What Happens to Unclaimed Funds After an Ohio Foreclosure?

Unclaimed Foreclosure Funds

During August 2018, one in every 1,456 homes in Ohio received a foreclosure filing, according to This was worse than the national average of 1 in every 1,882 homes, and placed Ohio just outside the top 10 states with the worst rates of foreclosure. Foreclosure in Ohio is a judicial process by which a… Read more »

The Big Ohio Bankruptcy List

Bankruptcy in Ohio

Last updated Aug. 31, 2017. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, if you’re struggling with debt and wondering what your options are, or if you’re just curious about the bankruptcy process and rules in Ohio, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about bankruptcy… Read more »

What is the Automatic Stay? What is the Penalty for Creditors Who Violate It?

Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy

Last updated Aug. 31, 2017. Bankruptcy is designed to help you get back on sound financial footing. That can’t happen if you still have to worry about creditors garnishing your wages or foreclosing on your home. So, bankruptcy comes with some serious protection against creditors trying to collect. The automatic stay is the most important… Read more »

Ohio’s Homestead Exemption Protects Your House in Bankruptcy

Ohio Homestead Protection

Last updated Jan. 30, 2018. Historically, a creditor could take everything you owned in payment of your debt. In the Middle Ages and before, creditors could even take possession of the children of a debtor or the debtor himself if he couldn’t pay. Today, debt slavery is forbidden by law (not to mention all moral… Read more »

Can I Keep My House in Ohio and File Bankruptcy?

Keep House in Bankruptcy

Last updated Feb. 26, 2018. Your home is one of your largest assets. Your mortgage is probably the largest loan you’ll ever take out. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, it’s also probably your biggest worry. Bankruptcy might be your best option, but what happens to your home when you file? Keeping Your House… Read more »

Ohio Bankruptcy Means Test for Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Ohio Means Test Income Limits

Last updated July 31, 2018. When you’re struggling with debt and don’t know where to turn, it’s time to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy still seems somewhat taboo in the modern world, but the reality is that millions of people every year need to wipe their financial slates clean and start over fresh. Bankruptcy exists… Read more »

What Happens If the Trustee Moves to Dismiss My Bankruptcy Case?

Chapter 7 Dismissed Ohio

Last updated May 14, 2018. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, the court may dismiss your case if it believes that relief is unwarranted based on your financial circumstances. 11 USC § 707(b)(1) reads: After notice and a hearing, the court, on its own motion or on a motion by the United States trustee, trustee (or… Read more »

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Binding Once Approved

The Binding Effect of Chapter 13 Confirmation Under the legal doctrine of judicial estoppel, once a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan has been confirmed, all issues relating to the confirmation of that plan have been resolved. 11 USC § 1327(a) states: “The provisions of a confirmed plan bind the debtor and each creditor, whether or not… Read more »