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Do I Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Ohio?

Janice Didn’t Choose Chapter 13, Chapter 13 Chose Janice Janice, an Ohio resident and a thirty-year employee of the US Postal Service, was in a bind. She had more than $115,000 in secured debt and more than $70,000 in unsecured debt; her credit card had gotten the better of her. She surrendered her house to… Read more »

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: More Affordable Than You Think

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Complex, But Can You Afford a Lawyer? Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a complicated process which usually requires the help of an attorney. A recent study out of the Central District of California found that just 1 in 2,500 pro se chapter 13 cases in that district were successful. Why? The forms… Read more »

How Does the Automatic Stay Work in Consumer Bankruptcy?

How Does the Automatic Stay Work in Bankruptcy? What is an Automatic Stay? If you are contemplating bankruptcy, then you probably have a lot of creditors after you. The constant pressure and hounding of creditors to collect can be troubling. However, the bankruptcy laws do provide some relief in the form of the “automatic stay.” Once… Read more »

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Property Can I Keep in Chapter 7?

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Last updated Nov. 28, 2017. If you are considering bankruptcy, you have probably found yourself wondering exactly what, if any, property you own can be taken to pay your creditors. In a bankruptcy case, your property is held in an estate that is managed by a trustee. Theoretically, the trustee is the person responsible for… Read more »

My Visa bills are piling up, can bankruptcy help?

Bankruptcy can help eliminate Visa bills that have spiraled out of control Yes, filing for bankruptcy is an effective way of eliminating credit card debt. If you’ve run large balances on a Visa card as a result of a job loss or unexpected medical procedure, filing for Chapter 7 will completely eliminate those bills. The… Read more »