My Visa bills are piling up, can bankruptcy help?

Bankruptcy can help eliminate Visa bills that have spiraled out of control Yes, filing for bankruptcy is an effective way of eliminating credit card debt. If you’ve run large balances on a Visa card as a result of a job loss or unexpected medical procedure, filing for Chapter 7 will completely eliminate those bills. The… Read more »

Will Filing for Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure in Ohio?

Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure Ohio

Last updated July 28, 2017. Yes, filing for bankruptcy will stop foreclosure in Ohio, or any other state for that matter, at least on a temporary basis. The minute a bankruptcy case is filed, an injunction known as the automatic stay springs in to place. The automatic stay is an order of the bankruptcy court… Read more »

A Story About Bankruptcy in Dayton, Ohio

I see people every day.  People with pride, work-ethic, and humility.  Unfortunately, many of these people have fallen on hard times.  They are distressed and worried about providing for their families.  I met John and his wife Sandy early in 2011.  They developed careers working for the GM plant, Delphi, in Moraine, just south of… Read more »

What Happens if My Property is Sold in Bankruptcy?

The likelihood that property will be sold in bankruptcy. This is a misconception that every bankruptcy blog should and does cover. The consumer’s biggest fear. “I will file for bankruptcy, but I’ll be ruined!” “The trustee will take every last stick of furniture, my car, my home and sell it to satisfy my creditors. I’ll… Read more »

Wage Garnishment in Ohio: What Consumers Should Know

Ohio Garnishment Laws Wage Garnishment Ohio

Last updated Dec. 29, 2017. Say you’ve made some purchases on your credit card, and you owe a couple thousand dollars. Then something unexpected happens (maybe your roof starts leaking or your car needs new tires) and you find yourself a bit short one month. You plan to pay in full the next month, but… Read more »

Ohio Receives “C” Grade for Protecting Families in Debt

A recent study by the National Consumer Law Center gave Ohio a C grade for the protections it offers to debtors. Twenty-three other states also scored Cs. Ohio shouldn’t feel too bad, though. The study claims that not a single state met basic standards that would allow debtors to continue to support themselves and their… Read more »

Ohio Debt Collection Laws: Can Creditors be Stopped?

Ohio Debt Collection Laws

Last updated July 28, 2017. Before 1977, debt collection was a frightening prospect. Collectors would call at all hours of the day and night and threaten to sue you, to have you jailed, and some would even threaten to cause you physical harm. In 1977, Congress enacted a law to protect debtors from these abusive… Read more »

Ohio Foreclosure Timeline: How Fast Can the Bank Foreclose?

Ohio Foreclosure Process Timeline

Last updated March 29, 2018. The foreclosure process is complex and intimidating. When will you have to leave? When is it too late to reverse the process? How long does foreclosure take in Ohio? If you’re worried about losing your home to foreclosure, check out this guide to the foreclosure process in Ohio. Ohio Foreclosure… Read more »

Ohio Homestead Exemption in Bankruptcy

Homestead exemptions have been enacted in most states to protect homeowners from their creditors. Outside of bankruptcy, a homestead exemption protects your primary residence from judgment creditors. Inside the bankruptcy process, the homestead exemption prevents the trustee from selling your home to satisfy creditor claims. The basic idea behind the homestead exemption, and exemptions in general,… Read more »