Does the Automatic Stay Protect Non-Filing Corporations?

In re Saleh (OH) – In re Saleh, 427 B.R. 415 (S.D. Ohio, 2010) Ali owned and operated a grocery store in Dayton, Ohio, and enjoyed reasonable success. The business was profitable and supported him and his family for many years. Looking to supplement his income from the grocery store, Ali decided to take out… Read more »

How Do Payday Loans Work in Ohio? Can Bankruptcy Help?

Ohio Payday Loans Bankruptcy Help

Last updated Oct. 20, 2018. If you’ve ever run into a sudden, unexpected expense, you may have considered taking out a payday loan. Payday loans go by a variety of names, such as cash advance, payday advance, or deposit advance, but they all amount to the same thing: a quick and easy way to get… Read more »

Do I Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Ohio?

Janice Didn’t Choose Chapter 13, Chapter 13 Chose Janice Janice, an Ohio resident and a thirty-year employee of the US Postal Service, was in a bind. She had more than $115,000 in secured debt and more than $70,000 in unsecured debt; her credit card had gotten the better of her. She surrendered her house to… Read more »

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: More Affordable Than You Think

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Complex, But Can You Afford a Lawyer? Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a complicated process which usually requires the help of an attorney. A recent study out of the Central District of California found that just 1 in 2,500 pro se chapter 13 cases in that district were successful. Why? The forms… Read more »

How Does the Automatic Stay Work in Consumer Bankruptcy?

How Does the Automatic Stay Work in Bankruptcy? What is an Automatic Stay? If you are contemplating bankruptcy, then you probably have a lot of creditors after you. The constant pressure and hounding of creditors to collect can be troubling. However, the bankruptcy laws do provide some relief in the form of the “automatic stay.” Once… Read more »

What Happens to My Car if I File Bankruptcy in Ohio?

Bankruptcy Car Value Ohio

Last updated Sept. 26, 2017. What happens to my car if I file bankruptcy? The answer to that question depends on two major factors: what type of bankruptcy you file, and whether you own or lease your car. This post will provide a brief review of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio, in… Read more »

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Property Can I Keep in Chapter 7?

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Last updated Nov. 28, 2017. If you are considering bankruptcy, you have probably found yourself wondering exactly what, if any, property you own can be taken to pay your creditors. In a bankruptcy case, your property is held in an estate that is managed by a trustee. Theoretically, the trustee is the person responsible for… Read more »

Business Debt and Personal Liability: Who is Responsible?

Business Debt Personally Liable Bankruptcy

Last updated May 30, 2017. Whether or not you are personally liable for the debts of your business depends on two factors: the structure of the business that you own and; the contract you signed with your lender. As a practical matter, many lenders require the business owners to personally guarantee business debts regardless of… Read more »

Ohio Foreclosure Laws: What You Need to Know

Sheriff Sale Ohio Foreclosure Laws

Last updated Dec. 29, 2017. “Foreclosure” is simply a term used to describe the legal process used by your mortgage company, or any other mortgage lender (such as a bank), to take possession of your home. A foreclosure is really just a lawsuit in which the mortgage company is suing you to take your house…. Read more »